Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY - Valentine's Day Cards

Design your Own Valentine's Day Cards
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It's so easy.
Download here
Print and coordinate pattern on pattern. Pick a "placement" for the front; snip and sparkle. duh.
 I use double sided tape for adhering flat. and double sided foam tape to adhere with depth.
Cut out the verbiage from the "verbiage page" desired for the front of the card and adhere it with glue, tape or foam tape.

Download here.
 Have fun!


  1. DIY crafts and cards are my favorite in every particular occasion especially Valenitne's day as it shows how much important a recipient is to exert effort to make them happy. With romantic Valentines day messages written on them, these cards would surely be the best gift ever!

    Cheers and thumbs up to your craft.
    Marilyn xxxxx



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