Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gift Card - Birthday Card Hand painted

Sparkly DIY Birthday Card
{ make it don't text it }
"Happy Birthday" - card stock, blank card, acrylic paint, gold glitter, three clear tiny gemstones, typed and printed "Happy Birthday", scissors, foam tape, craft glue.

Using a small piece of card stock, cut a frame, paint with black the inside of it, leaving .25 inches of white framed space around the edge. Below, I painted the white framed space with blue's and aqua's. Once this is dry, I outline the black paint with craft glue and glitter it gold.
...let dry...
Using a small (4.75" x 6.75") rectangle (to fit size of card) card stock, I brush strokes of black, blue, aqua, gray and gold (same paint I used for the frame) - from top to bottom
wait for the paint to dry, then glaze some glue over the gold streaks and glitter gold to match the frame...let dry...
While waiting paint three "sparkles" on the frame, adhering small gemstones in the center of the 'sparkle' ...let dry... add four small pieces of foam tape to the underside and place it centered on the 'streaked' small rectangle.
Place the printed "Happy Birthday" inside the frame and secure with glue.



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